Game: Gold Rush Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial (BY-NC)
Authors: Michal Bukáček
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This game is scientific experiment, you and your friends can play. The task of the player in the game is to find as many gold nuggets in a given area. While other players in the group (in the game room) try to reach the same goal. The winner is the player who finds the most nuggets and when the game is finished the winner is marked as a Leader. The movement of players in game can be imagined as a swarm algorithm searching the area.

The game works only in multiplayer mode, and this for two to eight players. There are two possible modes of play: 1) fast (anonymous) game for two players 2) mode where one player creates invitation for 2-8 players and others will recieve an invitation and the game starts. Finished game is saved on the server and this procedure of searching the area will be compare by different software algorithms of artificial intelligence.

It is about conclusion whether people can search the given area faster than artificial intelligence.

Technical requirements

Workforce in Mathematics

In the EU, there are around 260,000 mathematics and statistics students. Jobs for mathematicians, other scientists and engineers grew by 7% in the past five years. Jobs for technicians in the field grew by 2%. Overall, they account for 7% of all jobs in the EU. Mathematicians work as data analysts, actuarial analysts, investment analysts, or data scientists. As of 2016, around 15 million European science and engineering workers are employed. They work in a variety of sectors, including professional services, utilities, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, and the public sector. In the next years, jobs for mathematicians, other researchers and engineers will increase by 13%, and jobs for technicians in the field will increase by 2%.

  15 min
Education Level
12-15 years
15-18 years
18+ years
Science Discipline
Home use
Classroom use
Knowledge prerequisites
Beginner: material is applicable to all students
Operating system
Installation effort
Some effort required, you'll need to install some programs

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