DNA, epigenetics and prevention Creative Commons, Attribution alone (BY)
Authors: Agnese Collino, Giulia Sacchi, Chiara Segré, Noemi Baruch, Eva Scaini
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This module draws the students attention on a specific aspect of the ever-increasing trend towards personalized medicine, namely prevention. It is clear by now that our behaviours and lifestyles have a crucial impact on our health, and that each of us has to face our own baggage full of risk factors (genetic, environmental and behavioural factors); they make us prone to contract different types of diseases, such as cardiovascular, degenerative diseases and cancers. This field of study has recently been transformed by epigenetics, the branch of genetics which studies all the behaviours of gene expression which do not alter the DNA sequence, and which are due to all the things that surround our cells (including food and lifestyle).

Technical requirements
  Projector, screen, power point
Knowledge acquisition gain
  Epigenetics has enabled other disciplines that are crucial to our health to advance, such as nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics (which, from many points of view, explores the relationship between the molecules inside food and our body).

Workforce in Medicine

In the EU, jobs for health professionals - such as health practitioners, nursing professionals, and paramedicals - grew by 9% in the past five years. Jobs for health associate professionals - such as lab technicians and medical assistants - grew by 13%. Overall, they account for 6% of all jobs in the EU. As of 2016, around 13 million European health workers are employed. Most of them work in the health & social care sector. A small minority of health professionals works in other sectors - for example as consultants, professors, or public servants. In the next years, jobs for health professionals will increase by 5%, and jobs for health associates will increase by 10%.

  120 min
Number of staff
Education Level
15-18 years
Science Discipline
Classroom use
Supervision required
Teacher supervision required
Knowledge prerequisites
Advanced: material is most suitable for advanced students interested in the topic
Operating system
Installation effort
No installation required on typical computer
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