Video of Games For Social Change: Citizen Science pilots in Barcelona region Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA)
Authors: Josep Perelló, Isabelle Bonhoure, Anna Cigarini, Julian Vicens, Enric Senabre
Citizen Science
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Games for Social Change describes the three Citizen Social Science experiments carried out during 2017.

A centenary of students between 14 and 16 years old of three schools of Barcelona Metropolitan Area (Catalonia, Spain) were the main actors of a research co-creation process that allowed to perform three interventions in the public space: one about gender violence (Badalona), one about the use of public space (Viladecans) and finally one last on inequalities and social inclusion (Barcelona).

Incited by the students, more than 450 neighbors participated in the experience, motivated to promote social change through Citizen Science.

Knowledge acquisition gain
  Inspirational example of co-created Citizen Science experiments
  3 min
Education Level
12-15 years
15-18 years
Science Discipline
Citizen Science
Home use
Classroom use
Supervision required
Self study / No supervision
Technical requirements
Internet connection during class required
Installation effort
No installation required on typical computer
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