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Authors: Josep Perello, Anna Cigarini, Julian Vicens, Enric Senabre, Isabelle Bonhoure
Citizen Science
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Three Citizen Science pilots have been realized in three schools of Barcelona Metropolitan Area with a total of 96 students involved. In two centres, the students involved cursed the last year of secondary school (4t ESO), where they are on average 15/16 years old whereas in the third one, the students cursed the first year of Baccalaureate, where they are on average 16/17 years old.

The engagement of the students during the four stages of the co-creation process allowed the collective creation of three original experiments, based on the social concerns expressed by the students themselves. These social concerns were transformed into research questions serving as guidelines for the proposal of conceptual diagrams of the experiments. The background of the research was the study of human behavioural traits, such as cooperation, generosity, empathy, sense of justice, reciprocity, trust, envy and optimism, through social dilemmas in the form of games and aiming to gather social capital in each city.

The experimental set-up was collectively created by the students, a designer studio, a digital platform programmer and the scientists. Finally, the three original experiments were situated in public spaces of the three different cities, the students acting as promoters and facilitators for the pedestrian volunteers that participated. A total of 450 volunteers participated to the experiments that were divided into behavioural games and survey questions.

The downloadable files correspond to the research data generated in this context as well as the codes associated with the digital platform used for the experiments.

Knowledge acquisition gain
  Examples of Research Data obtained through Citizen Science Experiments co-created by the students and associated codes for the Digital Platforms used for the public space interventions.