Citizen Science Results and Recommendations Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA)
Authors: Julian Vicens, Anna Cigarini, Josep Perelló, Isabelle Bonhoure
Citizen Science
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Here we present two documents that bring some more light and conclusions on the outcomes of introducing Citizen Science at School through co-creating Citizen Science Experiments.

1) The brief report Games For Palaio Faliro present the citizen science project that engaged the students and citizens of Palaio Faliro in a collective action. It aims to provide the starting point for a discussion of concrete proposals to promote environmental awareness and activism in a participatory way. As a result of a co-creation process, the students of the 4th High School of Palaio Faliro challenged their community with the following dilemma: How can people be more motivated about pollution? During a collective experiment on April, 28th of 2018, 149 participants walking down the coast of Palaio Faliro volunteered to play games and to answer questions posed by the students in their public space.

2) The Final Report on Citizen Science at School summarizes the co-creation processes, the experiments and the outcomes done by introducing Citizen Science at School in the frame of StemForYouth. It proposes also a series of recommendations for teachers and scientists.