Citizen Science Toolkit Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA)
Authors: Enric Senabre, Josep Perelló, Isabelle Bonhoure, Julian Vicens, Anna Cigarini
Citizen Science
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We here present material in order to conduct a citizen science co-creation process in the classroom. We acknowledge the teachers to consults the documents following this sequence:

  1. CITIZEN SCIENCE TOOLKIT: AN INTRODUCTION In this document, we briefly explain the rationale and the concept of the Citizen Science Toolkit. We also give tips and evaluation tools for the teachers to be consulted before initiating the co-creation work in the classroom.

  2. CITIZEN SCIENCE TOOLKIT USER GUIDE We give here concrete indications in order to use the toolkit in the classroom, including the duration of each step, the material needed, the material to download and precise instructions list.

  3. CITIZEN SCIENCE TOOLKIT CANVAS (MATERIAL TO BE PRINTED) This file contains all the downloadable material to be printed in order to perform the citizen science co-creation sessions.

  240 min
Number of staff
Education Level
12-15 years
15-18 years
18+ years
25+ years
Science Discipline
Citizen Science
Classroom use
Supervision required
Teacher supervision required
Knowledge prerequisites
Advanced: material is most suitable for advanced students interested in the topic
Technical requirements
You'll need to buy some materials
Printed materials required
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