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Authors: Petra Vondráková, Petr Beremlijski, Martina Litschmannová, Robert Mařík
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Puzzle game: • One-player matching type game (puzzle). • Step by step, the player selects a field with one question and consequently with one answer until matching all of the pairs. • It doesn´t matter in which order the player makes pairs. • No guessing! When matching the question and answer incorrectly (an error), the player is given one penalty point, and continues in the game. • Each correct pair uncovers a part of a quote of famous mathematician. • After finishing the puzzle you can enjoy the quote or look at your score on the next page. • The questions and answers are randomized when the PDF file is opened.

Technical requirements

Workforce in Mathematics

In the EU, there are around 260,000 mathematics and statistics students. Jobs for mathematicians, other scientists and engineers grew by 7% in the past five years. Jobs for technicians in the field grew by 2%. Overall, they account for 7% of all jobs in the EU. Mathematicians work as data analysts, actuarial analysts, investment analysts, or data scientists. As of 2016, around 15 million European science and engineering workers are employed. They work in a variety of sectors, including professional services, utilities, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, and the public sector. In the next years, jobs for mathematicians, other researchers and engineers will increase by 13%, and jobs for technicians in the field will increase by 2%.

  15 min
Number of staff
Education Level
15-18 years
18+ years
Science Discipline
Home use
Classroom use
Knowledge prerequisites
Operating system
Installation effort
Some effort required, you'll need to install some programs

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