Innovative Educational Tools in Mathematics lessons

Interactive games have many benefits and innovations for teachers and students such as:

  - Materials cover thematically all secondary school curriculum.
  - All types of games have uniform and simple control and attractive graphics.
  - Thanks to the use of TeX typesetting system the mathematical expressions reach high typographic quality and are easily readable
  - All the materials can be accessed with free software (Adobe Reader) and used offline with no Internet access.
  - After finishing a game, the evaluation is shown (the number of correct answers etc). A student can go through all the questions again.
  - You can play our games several times and the questions will be different. The questions for Triangle and Funny Picture games are assigned randomly from a database involving more questions than required for one run of the game. Consequently, these games behave as "new" games every time these games are opened. This random selection of the questions takes place when the file is opened. The only game with fixed questions is the Jeopardy game.
  - No only the questions, but also the answers in all PDF files are randomized when the PDF is re-opened. In addition, in Puzzle games the questions are randomized too. Each student has a personalized version of the same game.
  - Teachers can use the materials on an interactive whiteboard where the students choose the right solutions. An alternative is to present the materials using screen and data projector. In the latter case the students answer questions and the teacher marks their answer on computer. If a computer lab is available, students can work independently. The materials are good for home practice too. Thanks to interactivity and nice pictures the practice is funnier than regular homework or exercises.