Innovative Educational Tools in Medicine lessons

We decided to build ex novo activities focusing not on medicine topics commonly covered by high school programs but on cutting edge research frontiers in biomedical science. The biggest innovative aspects are indeed the contents themselves: gender and precision medicine, big data, gene editing, epigenetics and bioethics that are rarely addressed at school. The activities are designed to stimulate the pupils to put their "minds" on the complex questions and to simulate (and solve) real problems. This engagement is functional to the acquisition of new information about medicine and to make them aware of the challenges of medicine faces nowadays, and of the professional careers that the society will require in the future to address them. In particular, as an element of innovation, we introduced an activity fully dedicated to bioethical discussion, to give pupils tools to think about medicine (and science) also from this point of view. Bioethical issues are key in the scientific and technological agenda of developed countries.